The Cafe Shop 

Welcome to  our cafe online the local location is(coming soon ) We have a   full range selections  of hot and cold beverage, that include coffee ,tea and chocolate.The selections include   Green Mountain Coffee,  Colombian Fair Trade, Hazelnut, French Vanilla, Kona Blend, organic blends Newman’s brand, seasonal specialties such as hot or cold tea a organic selection. The food delight light local sandwich selections.  Our treats include bagels, muffins, cupcakes banana , zucchini and  gingerbread  much more.

The Business Resources  

get a sneak peek at all things business and  coffee or tea:  We share news about  business made easy and coaching recipes for success and new business ideas. Other specialties , are  tea, coffee drinks, sweet treats ,contests,  Virtual online business cafe , business training ,business supplies discounts, steals and deals

Stop in for a cup of coffee, Learn about Detroit Business Resources & Cafe . Enjoy our free public wifi  Internet access, and browse for free through our business resources Check out, or contribute to, our business learning Community Bulletin Board, online free posting or use our physical space  inside our cafe, or hop on one of our business community computers. You are welcome to  join us at a portable mobile hub on location.  Take time to upload a free Detroit  National cafe Working People Newsletter , press release, local calendar item,  or share  your business information .

Club Special

We offer regular coffee club members and customers Coffee at discount price per cup .The a visitors to the Cafe can purchase a cup of coffee combined with the weekly business jump start special of  5 free printing copies ,The Detroit Business Cafe weekly  resources  for  the  Working People Newsletter for only $1.

You can purchase a muffins, danishes, pastries and other baked goods  that are available  for Cafe  club partners.

1.We develop  partnership with local bakeries and sandwich shops .

2.Soda, juice and bottled water are also available for .75 cents each for  member only

3.Working People Newsletter blog only  $1.00

4. Special Discounts for business office supplies 

Today my clients are CEOs ,Miro/Small business owners entrepreneurs, corporate and creative people -- men and women who want serious input on business start-up , strategies, growth, resources, training and tools. They are serious about getting advice  about business start-up and growth.  Our clients  want to use  our products and services.

1.Visit our Tea Shop

2. Visit our Coffee Shop

3 The Business Shop  

4. Business Training 

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