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get a sneak peek at all things business and  coffee or tea:  We share news about  business made easy and coaching recipes for success and new business ideas. Other specialties , are  tea, coffee drinks, sweet treats ,contests,  Virtual online business cafe , business training ,business supplies discounts, steals and deals

Stop in for a cup of coffee, Learn about Detroit Business Resources & Cafe . Enjoy our free public wifi  Internet access, and browse for free through our business resources Check out, or contribute to, our business learning Community Bulletin Board, online free posting or use our physical space  inside our cafe, or hop on one of our business community computers. You are welcome to  join us at a portable mobile hub on location.  Take time to upload a free Detroit  National cafe Working People Newsletter , press release, local calendar item,  or share  your business information .

Our business consultants will be in the cafe to  help you  with business needs.  Your visit may include  rubbing  shoulders with entrepreneur , Micro start-up and current business owners. You can share business tips and business ideas, or your feedback .

Visit our Live Virtual Online Business Cafe Live Call 

You are welcome to visit us daily, to share, plan, meet, train and learn . Come and relax and   sit in  our planning  and meeting rooms . You have the option  to use or rent a  private conference room.

 Webinar or Conference Live connection 

Join us weekly for our   live-streamed on ,webinar or conference calls connect with us at http://detroitbusinesscafe.com . If you can’t make it in person, we hold web conference and call simultaneous live chat so you can participate from home.

Free Public Wifi The Cafe will have free public wifi Internet access. Bring your laptop or iPad, have a cup of coffee and catch up on work, correspondence or leisure on one of our comfy leather couches or armchairs.

If you don’t have or don’t want to bring your own laptop, you can take advantage of one of our Blogger Station computers with free Internet access, along with word processing, spreadsheet, photo editing, and other software programs.

The Cafe 

If you need office supply you can purchase supplies from to cafe.Maybe you need business training school supplies , tools ,resources office supplies. Check out  a variety of hot and cold beverages,and include organic  tea coffee and desserts. We sell a full range of selections from Green Mountain Coffee, including Colombian Fair Trade, Hazlenut, French Vanilla, Kona Blend, Newman’s brand, seasonal specialties such as hot or cold tea a organic selection , Gingerbread and Spicy Eggnog coffee, and much more.

We offer regular coffee club members and customers Coffee at discount price per cup .The a visitor to the Cafe can purchase a cup of coffee combined with the Monday-Saturday 5 free print copies daily.  You can enjoy The Detroit Business Cafe Resources newsletter for only $1. Muffins, danishes, pastries and other baked goods are available. Please register for our business Yapp 

Founder Margie Blackmon

Our story Business developer and Director was was born and raised in Detroit Michigan,  attended college in Michigan and Ohio. She  studied  education and business.  She  always had business  in her  blood. When she was only 9 years old ,when she created her own play and sold tickets in her  neighborhood. Later, she began to realized,  she was born to become an  entrepreneur. She began to realize this   at  nine years old,when she had first paid event.  She created a play named Peter Cottontail and planned an Easter egg hunt. Her friends  were all  under 12 years old when she sold tickets and started making money. 

​Today  her passions are assisting local business owners with inquiring more customers and increasing profits. I am dedicated to business growth,   providing skills, strategies and resources that create business growth and substantial Success!

Background:Professionally  she is am a trained internet marketer, Business Growth Coach and Consultant, who worked in the industry for over 5 years. I have several Joint Ventures with local business owners in Michigan.  In 1999 she  established a K- 12 grade public school, in Toledo Ohio I manage over 70 staff members yearly. The Public Charter school was a non- profit organization which grew to over 400 students per year. ​


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